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Best Supplements to Boost Your Brain Power

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If you want to boost the functioning of your brain, you need to research a supplement that will help you to improve memory and the protection against mental decline and anxiety. If you have never used these supplements before, you might be confused about the best options to take. Some supplements in the market might not be functioning fully to your requirements, but you need to try the natural supplements called nootropics.

You can visit the website – great resource for all things Cognitive Enhancement, where you can learn about the best supplements that will boost your cognition. The following are some of the top recommended brain boosting supplements.

Fish Oil

Oil capsule

Fish oil is one of the best brain booster supplement that contains docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid. Both the DHA and the EPA are the best types of omega-3 fatty acids that have a perfect impact in boosting your cognition. The DHA helps your brain cells to maintain a structure that keeps you alert and normal functioning.

These components account for 25% of fats and 90% of omega 3 fats that are in the brain. You need to take enough dose of the fish oil because it is linked with improving your thinking skills and memory boosting. Similarly, fish oil is good for those people who are experiencing declining brain functioning. Your brain aging will be reduced by eating a recommended amount of fish oil regularly.


It is a stimulant that is found in tea, dark chocolate, and coffee. Caffeine is a recommended supplement that can boost the functioning of your brain. The caffeine works by stimulating the central nervous system making you stay alert and less tired.

Generally, the caffeine in tea and coffee can improve your memory, the reaction time and you can feel more energized. If you are working for long hours in a day, you need to take coffee or tea to stimulate your general brain functioning. However, you should not take too much caffeine because it can be counterproductive to your body.

Ginkgo Biloba

It is a common herbal supplement that people take to boost the brain power. The Ginkgo Biloba is believed to have a powerful component that increases the blood flow to the brain to improve the general functionality.

Studies had also shown that the Ginkgo Biloba help your mind to overcome the aging effects such as reduced memory power and declined brain function when you consume it regularly. Similarly, your short-term memory and thinking skills will be boosted when you take the recommended amount of Ginkgo Biloba.


Brain Anatomy

Creatine is an important component that plays an important role in the process of metabolism. It works best with your muscles and in smaller amounts in the brain. This popular supplement is found in animal products such as fish, eggs, and meat.

The supplement helps in improving your memory and thinking skills. You will be able to experience around 25-50% improvement in your brain and intelligence when you consume the creatine supplement.

Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger has been the highest ranked food with powerful health benefits across the whole world. People have been using ginger as an ingredient in cooking and medical purpose for thousands of years. This is because it can soothe the digestion in the human body, relieving pain among other health benefits. Ginger can be consumed in different ways; the common ones include the fresh, powdered or in the form of oil.

One of the companies that are experts on coming up with such recipes is the nature Made Cures. Check out their Facebook page to discover all the different ways you can take ginger. The following content highlights the benefits of taking its extract as part of your diet.

Reduce Inflammationginger lemon tea


Ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Many people have been using it for centuries to treat all the inflammatory conditions. Research and publications indicate that consuming ginger root or its supplements will help to reduce the risks of inflammation that are associated with osteoarthritis. The symptoms of osteoarthritis such as joint pains and stiffness can be eliminated by consuming its extract as medication.

Relieve Cold and Flu

People love taking warm drinks during the cold seasons to keep the body warm. In these cold seasons, you are recommended to take ginger tea instead of other processed drinks as a great way to keep your body warm. Warm ginger tea does not only keep your body warm, but it also relieves the flu.

You need to slice about 20 to 30 grams of ginger and mix in a cup of hot water. You should also add other flavors such as a drop of honey or lemon for additional benefits such as vitamin C.

Treat Chronic Indigestion

Chronic indigestion includes the pain and discomfort that you experience at the upper side of the stomach. Delayed emptying of your stomach causes the pain and discomfort when the indigestion occurs.

If you have this condition, you are recommended to take ginger to speed up the process of emptying the stomach. The time it takes for your stomach to empty can be reduced significantly from 16 hours to 12 hours after you take the ginger.

Reduce the Menstrual Pain

Powdered ginger can be used as a significant component to reduce the menstrual pain that women experience while they are experiencing their menstrual cycle. This has been a traditional way for pain relief, and it is an effective remedy.

Women with the problem of menstrual pain are required to take  atleast 1 gram of powdered ginger in a day for the first three days of their menstrual cycle period. It is also the best alternative to drugs such as mefenamic acid and ibuprofen.

Help Prevent Cancer


Cancer involves the growth of abnormal cells in the body parts in human beings, and it can be a life-threatening condition. It can be used as a way to prevent the growth of the different forms of cancer cells. Raw ginger contains anti-cancer attributes, and it can significantly reduce the risks of developing cancer.

Top Considerations When Choosing A Grappling Dummy


Experienced fighters and amateurs alike can use a grappling dummy to enhance their fighting skills. Now that these people cannot practice using real human being, this is the best device to kick, knock and help them learn various fighting skills. According to an experienced world champion fighter, almost all every person in this game uses at least one dummy during their practices. So, what are the considerations to make while buying one? This article will highlight the best ones.

Top considerations when choosing a grappling dummy

Consider the material

gfhfhfggfhThe dummies will be kicked, punched and thrown on the ground as fighters practice using them. Therefore, check that that the material making them is both strong and durable. Commonly, they are made of high-quality material that ranges from blends of plastics to leather. The inner parts are well filled and compacted using material that can include fabric and sometimes sand. Fighters in heavy categories like tae-kwon-do may require those filled with sand.

The size of the dummy

Grappling dummies come in different sizes to suit various preferences. Sometimes choosing the size will be determined by many factors like your size, the fighting sports you are in and any other. All in all, make sure that the dummy is convenient for the user without compromising on anything. Your fighting coach or any other expert can give guidance on the best dummy to buy.


Sophisticated dummies come with various capabilities that could interest any fighter. It is, therefore, good to take some research before making your order. For instance, it is paramount for the Jiu Jitsu fighter to buy a dummy that can wear GI so they can train on various moves. Other capabilities could include bending, straightening and sounds to make the practice more real.

The price

fdgdfgfdgdfgfdgEverything people buy, has a price tag. The only difference is how much is it. Some items are more expensive while others are cheap. The grappling dummies are costly, and therefore buyers must make a clear decision. Since their prices range, then one must compare from various sellers and know which one gives a good value for money and is within their budgets. Some websites may have discounts during festive seasons or for loyal customers to which one ought to take advantage.


While using the above considerations, one can rest assured that they will buy the best dummy. Most important, they will buy one which will help in the fighting practice and contribute to winning the upcoming competition.

How To Get Accurate Pregnancy Test

Knowing whether you are pregnant or not is very important. This is because it will make you make important decisions that will help you have a smooth future. Sometimes, especially if you are a teen who is never ready to become a mother, the thought of being pregnant may be difficult to handle. However, it is good to be sure what your status is as far as pregnancy is concerned so that you can figure out what next. The good thing is that nowadays there are effective ways that you can use to get accurate results on your own. This article provides with some rules that you need to follow if you are to get accurate results.

Ovulation date

If you want to test early and expect to get accurate results, then you need to know the date that you ovulated. The reason why this is important is that if you ovulated later, then the chances are that you are likely to get your period late. You need to understand that a late ovulation will push back the date that you are likely to get a positive result. The best way that you can use to keep track of your ovulation date is the bbt table.

Use quality brands

Another important thing that you need to remember when you want to have a home pregnancy test is that not all brands that are capable of giving you accurate results. This, therefore, tells you that you need to go for sensitive brands that are most accurate homemade pregnancy test. When you go to buy these products, you need to make sure that you read the instructions carefully. Make sure that they have the ability to test up to five days before your period date is due.

Morning urine

You also need to use first-morning urine if you want to get accurate results. While it is true that the current testing kits are very strong, using morning urine will give you accurate results especially if you are testing before your period date is due. This is because morning urine is normally more concentrated and therefore best for an early test.

Read instructions carefully

For you to have accurate results, you need to make sure that nothing is done wrong. For instance, you are not supposed to read the results after the time limit is over. In the same way, the different pregnancy testing kit may have varying instructions. So the best thing to ensure that you are not violating any of them is to make sure that you read them carefully before you start using them.

How to Choose An Eye Surgeon


Vision is a critical thing to all human. When you have eye problems, you would like to choose an eye surgeon who has skills that will meet all the required criteria. A doctor who has a high rated experience is supposed to be the priority. In the fact we have many eye surgeons in the medical industry, you need to be keen on your choice. It is very tricky identifying the best doctor to operate your eyes. Click on to know more concerning eye surgery. The following are guidelines for finding the best eye surgeon.

Professional affiliation

oiuytredfcgvhjkEye surgery is very sensitive, and it calls for the attention of an experienced eye surgeon. Whenever you are looking for a surgeon, you need to know his or her professional experience. You need someone who is concerned about your vision because it is essential to you. Therefore, the professional affiliation will determine the expertise of this doctor and the patient is confident of getting better service.

Ask friends or family

This is a major factor to consider because you will acquire a clue on the best eye surgeon you can visit. Friends and family members might have a knowhow of the best doctor they have visited before. They will relatively refer you to someone who is experienced. This will help you avoid unpleasant services from doctors you have never heard of.


It is important to consider if the eye surgeon has the required equipment for his or her operation. He or she should take advantage of the new technology to improvise his or her work. Currently, almost all the operation use technological equipment and procedures. This guides the eye surgeon to deliver accurate services when operating the eye. Therefore, ensure the clinic is well equipped to carry out the necessary eye operation.


oiu76ytrfdghjkWhen you are looking for a quality eye surgeon, you should consider the cost. Cost also depends on various factors such as the expertise of the surgeon and the technology used in operation. You do not have to receive poor quality services to save money. You should have in mind that your vision is most important. Also, you should inquire the right cost of the service to avoid exploitation on paying for undone services.

The above guidelines, therefore, will enable you to have the best eye surgeon ever despite the fact that there are more in the industry. You are required to be keen and observe these guidelines for a better result.

Beginner’s Guide To Using Protein Supplements


People have been using protein supplements for many years to get various results like bodybuilding and weight loss. For instance, the vanilla plant based protein powder is a common supplement used by many athletes since it provides all the essential amino acids. If you are a beginner in protein supplement use, then there is a lot you need to learn about them. Therefore, this guide will be of help to such a person.

Beginner’s guide to using protein supplements

What are protein supplements?

gfhfghfghgfhgfhfghThese are protein concentrates either in powder or tablets with a predetermined amount of protein. People take them to boost the protein supply from the diet we eat. Athletes and bodybuilders are the categories of people who most need these supplements as their bodies are in need of a larger amount of protein supply at any one single time.

Groups of people who need protein supplements

  • The athletes – a good sports person, must have the relevant power and strength to perform excellently in sports. Therefore, they require exercising well whether on the season or off the season. These activities require them to have enough supply of protein nutrients which they get both from the food they eat and these protein supplements.
  • Bodybuilders – this group of people usually need the highest amount of protein. So, now that they cannot get all that from the food, then it is crucial they rely on protein supplements. Their dose is usually higher than any other groups. Additionally, they can take different types like whey, casein and any other.
  • Weight loss aspirants – people with the goal of losing weight and especially women can always turn to the protein supplements to do so. They promote high metabolism rate and lower the appetite. Additionally, one will have all the protein nutrients they need to become active in sports.

Where to buy the best protein supplements

  • gfhfhgfhfgfghgfhOnline shops – when planning to buy these products, online sellers will be there to help you. They usually make sure that they give enough information on each product regarding ingredients source, usage and the benefits to expect. Their prices are also fair than many brick and mortar shops.
  • Physical shops – There are numerous health and fitness shops in your nearest town which stock various supplements. One of them is the protein supplement and choosing a genuine shop will allow you to enjoy genuine products. It is also possible to read the labels before making a final decision.

How To Conceive A Baby Boy Easily

Is your desire to conceive a baby boy? Well, you need to understand that it is very easy for you to have the gender of your choice without necessarily having to spend a lot of cash in the pre-implantation method. Research shows that there are some things that you can do to ensure that you conceive a baby with the gender of your choice. All that you need is to make sure that you do it right. This article provides you with simple tips that will help you decide on the gender of you baby during the conception process.

Sex positions

Did you know that sex position plays a significant role in determining the gender of your baby? Well, research has proved that deep penetration has high chances of ensuring that you conceive a baby boy. One important thing that you need to understand is that the male’s sperm contains two chromosomes. That is X and Y chromosomes. If the ovum is fertilized with a Y chromosome, the conception will be a baby boy. It happens that X chromosome which results to a baby girl is faster than Y chromosome. In essence, when there is deep penetration, the Y chromosome is helped to reach the ovum faster.

Ovulation timing

Another thing that you need to understand about Y- chromosome which is responsible for the conception of a baby boy is that they have a short life. This, therefore, tells you that if you want a baby boy, the intercourse should be done a few hours to the ovulation period. If the intercourse is done earlier, then the chances are that you will conceive a girl. This is because the Chromosomes responsible for the baby boy would have died.

Alkaline foods

You also need to understand that they Y-chromosome that is responsible for the conception of a baby boy do not like acidic conditions. This means that if your body is acidic, then the chances of the Y chromosomes surviving and so is the chances of conceiving a baby boy. So you need to make sure that you eat food that is reached in alkaline so as to ensure that that PH level in your body is low. Fresh vegetables and fruits are good for you.


You also need to make sure that the intake of calcium is low while that of potassium is high. This means that you have to reduce the intake of foods like milk. High calcium levels in your body will reduce the chances the Y-chromosome surviving. Potassium, on the other hand, is good if you want to conceive a baby boy.

The Easiest Way to Lose Weight

Most people think that losing weight means they have to suffer through intensive workouts or starve through strict diets. Workouts and diets isn’t a bad thing to do, but there are easier ways to lose weight. And the best thing is, you don’t even have to exercise or follow a specific diet. Here’s how you can start to lose weight.

Eat more often

This might sound confusing, but eating more often really is the first step to lose weight. A healthy eating habit is not to eat only three times a day, but you should be eating four to five times a day. The purpose is so that your stomach won’t get stressed. Eat with smaller portions, half of what you usually eat, but eat every four hours. You shouldn’t feel hungry, but you shouldn’t feel full. Your body will eventually get used to the smaller portions, and you’ll find yourself getting full faster. Your body will also digest better.

Balance your nutrition

Eating a balanced meal is the key to weight loss. If you want to follow a specific diet, check outfor more information on healthy diets. But eating a balanced meal doesn’t mean you have to do a diet. You simply have to have the right amount of nutrition you need in your body. Try to always have equal parts of carbohydrates and protein, a side of vegetables and a little bit of fat. Avoid eating food that is deep fried or is high in trans fat.

Drink only water

Water is the only drink you need for your body to function well. You don’t need sugar, caffeine, or even lactose a.k.a milk. Juices aren’t even necessary, if you can eat your fruits whole and fresh then why add ice and sugar? You need to drink enough water to lose weight because dehydration triggers hunger. It will also maintain your overall health and immune system.

Get enough sleep

When you don’t get enough rest, your body becomes stressed. This will not help you lose weight because rest will ensure your body functions smoothly. Try to go to sleep at the same time every day and wake up at the same time. Set your sleeping time to six to eight hours per night. You wouldn’t want to over-sleep as well, because if your body doesn’t move enough, then you can’t lose weight.

Tips To Buying The Best Golf Rangefinders

Golf is one of the easiest games where players should precise in gauging the distance based on the target. This means that you need to have enough practice and experience. However, there are some players who cannot gauge the correct distance even after several years of practice and experience. The best tool you need when playing golf is the best rangefinder. Therefore, you as a player, ensure that you know some essential features you need to consider when choosing your best rangefinder.

The main reason why you need a rangefinder in your golf game is to provide you the correct distance measurements based on the desire of your target. Therefore, when buying your golf rangefinder, you need to ensure that you buy one which will meet your basic golf needs. You can visit some of the players and ask them more concerning golf rangefinder. Below are some tips to buying the best golf rangefinders.

Determine the need

Before making your final purchasing decision, you need to make sure that you know what you will use your rangefinder for. This will help you to determine some of the features you need to put into consideration. There are various types of rangefinder that are available in the market today. That is why it is recommended to know what you will be using it before you buy it.

The price

This is an essential component you need to know when buying your golf rangefinder. Make sure that you know the exact price by visiting some of the online websites and compare the price of these rangefinders. Do not purchase your golf rangefinders at a cheaper or a high price. Buy your golf rangefinder at an affordable price. By doing this, it will help you in choosing or buying your rangefinder that will meet your sporting needs.

What is your skill level?

When you are buying your golf rangefinders, you are required to make sure that you know your skill level. This is a very important tip that will help you in choosing the best golf rangefinder. First, if you are a handicap player, you are required to buy a laser rangefinder. These are just some of the ideas that you should know when buying your golf rangefinder. Make sure that you take them it consideration whenever you are making your purchase.

What kind, of course, do you play?

That is an important question you should ask yourself before buying your golf rangefinder. If your home course has got a lot of doglegs, then make sure that you buy a GPS rangefinder. These rangefinders are the best because they receive the distance directly from the satellites. However, these are the expensive golf rangefinders compared to the other types. Therefore, do not make a mistake of buying a wrong rangefinder when you have the ability to choose the best golf rangefinder.

The size and weight

Before you buy your rangefinders, ensure that you consider its weight and size. You need to buy a rangefinder that you will be comfortable playing with when it comes to weight and size. You can also click here to read more for more information.

How Can You Benefit From A Gastric Sleeve Surgery?


Obesity is, undoubtedly, one of the most common health issues that many men and women face. If you are among these people, you are probably finding yourself struggling with your excess weight and basically feeling as if you are trapped in a never-ending weight gain cycle. It is also highly likely that you have attempted all kinds of diets, only to see your weight increase even further.

Effective Solution

Fortunately, there is a solution, and it comes in the form of a gastric sleeve surgery. This type of surgery has quickly become one of the most popular and widely performed weight-loss surgeries all over the world. The majority of surgeons and former patients gladly recommend this procedure, mainly due to its high effectiveness. Furthermore, many prefer this method to others, given that it is much less invasive and that it requires small incisions, rather than large ones.


However, aside from helping the patients lose almost 80% of their excess weight, leaving no significant scars and having a short recovery period, the gastric sleeve surgery can also help in a myriad of other ways, some of which we will mention throughout this article.

Joint Aches & Pains

ADASDSAThose who carry excess weight put a great deal of stress on their joints. This usually leads to joint damage and sometimes severe chronic pain. The sustained and substantial weight loss that comes as a result of this particular surgery can significantly aid in relieving the stress on the joints. In turn, this provides the patients with increased mobility and allows them to stay off various pain drugs and medications.

It Can Improved Fertility

Obese women are known to have all kinds of issues when it comes to fertility. Thanks to this weight loss surgery, they can substantially improve fertility and elevate the chances of becoming pregnant.

It Can Help With Depression

It is no secret that many obese people battle with depression, as a result of the social stigma and poor body image. This is particularly the case for younger people, who are finding it quite difficult to participate in and enjoy their favorite activities. All of this leads to severe depression as well as social isolation. With the help of a gastric sleeve surgery, one will not only lose weight but also improve their self-esteem, confidence and body image.

It Can Help With The Type 2 Diabetes

According to the latest clinical studies, bariatric surgeries such as the gastric sleeve one can effectively lead to a long-term remission of the dangerous and difficult-to-control type 2 diabetes. The studies have shown that the surgery is very effective when it comes to helping obese, type 2 diabetes patients, by allowing them to remain almost completely free of insulin and all the other adjunct medicaments, for no less than three years after the surgery.

It Can Enhance Cardiovascular Health

It is a well-known fact that effective weight-loss surgeries can substantially decrease a patient’s risk of peripheral heart disease, stroke, and coronary heart disease. With the help of a gastric sleeve surgery, a patient’s cholesterol and blood pressure levels can return to their normal values, or at least near normal ones in the wake of the operation, thus improving the patient’s health and overall well-being.