Health Benefits Of Selenium

Selenium is one of essential trace elements or minerals found in some foods, water and in the soil. This is a mineral which is required by the body in small amounts, but it plays a vital role improving metabolism. Additionally, Selenium has potent antioxidant properties which help in protecting the cells from damage. You are advised to consume foods rich in selenium to support the detoxification process.

Its supplements have also been proven to help in reducing the risk of prostate cancer. This mineral can also help in preventing thyroid problems, cardiovascular diseases, cognitive decline and other disorders. Selenoproteins helps in protecting the body against cardio diseases by preventing oxidative modification of fats and lipids in the body. This is also helpful in reducing inflammation.

Deficiency of selenium

The deficiencies of this mineral are uncommon. However, there are some health conditions which are related wit low levels of selenium such as Crohn’s diseases. This is a common problem with individuals who are often fed intravenously. These people are recommended to use selenium supplements to boost the intake of this mineral.

The following are some of the common deficiency symptoms of selenium

  • Weakened immune system
  • Depression
  • Muscle pain and weakness
  • Increased risk of prostate cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Infertility in both women and men

Foods rich in selenium

  • Grass fed beef
  • Turkey,
  • Yellowfin tuna
  • Brazil nuts
  • Halibut, cooked
  • Grass fed beef
  • Beef liver
  • Chicken, eggs, and spinach

The following are the main health benefits associated with selenium

Prevention of cancer

Low levels of selenium are associated with the risk of different types of cancer. This mineral is essential in repairing of the DNA which is helpful in preventing the replication of the cancerous cells. Moreover, being a powerful antioxidant, selenium will help in neutralizing the effects of the free radicals in your body thus preventing cancer.

Heart health

Foods rich in selenium will help in preventing the oxidative damage which might affect the body’s cells. This will in turn help in reducing inflammation as well as lowering the risks associated with cardiovascular diseases. Individuals with low levels of selenium are at a high risk of developing heart problems. You are advised to take the selenium supplements if you are taking diets which have low levels of selenium.

Thyroid health

This mineral plays a crucial role in keeping the thyroid gland healthy. It is believed to work closely together with iodine in maintaining the health of the thyroid glands. Besides, selenium is needed in the production of T3 hormone which plays a key role in regulating metabolism.